OnSite International's purpose is to give glory to God by
advancing His gospel worldwide through prayer,
church development, discipleship, and evangelism

Church-Focused OnSite Prayer

We believe that praying on location (OnSite prayer) is a way that the Lord works to strengthen the local church and the intercessors that are called to uphold it in prayer. We believe that the Lord desires to bring Revival to our nation. It is our sense that Christians from churches throughout the United States are to be about praying for local churches to support the work of preparation that the Lord is doing in our land.


 OnSite International, Inc. (www.prayonsite.org) and 2 C Revival, Inc. (www.2crevivial.com) are two Westfield, Indiana-area para-church ministries partnering in prayer with area churches. Since July 2011, we've held prayer meetings at over 40 churches in Hamilton, Boone, and Marion Counties; on Saturday mornings. We've routinely seen an average of 20-35 people attend; many from the host church, but also others from as many as 6-8 different churches as well!


 Jeff Williams, President of 2 C Revival, and Rob Griepentrog, Executive Director of OnSite International, are following the Lord’s leading to unite praying Christians together in seeking Jesus Christ to bring Revival to our hearts, to the hearts of Christians in our area, and ultimately to our nation. We believe that Revival begins through humbling ourselves, seeking God in prayer, and asking the Holy Spirit to empower pastors and church leaders with Spirit-filled Biblical teaching, mentoring, and modeling where the Holy Spirit brings about life change in individuals, families, and entire churches and communities!

Prayer Outline

 We try to limit the prayer time to about an hour. Jeff begins the time with a brief overview of the morning and a few devotional words. Next, he invites the lead pastor or leadership member to speak for 3-5 minutes about how best to pray for their church. Following pastor's time of sharing praises, requests, or concerns, we ask everyone to gather around and lay hands on the pastor at or near his/her pulpit or preaching position in the church. Guests and members of the host church pray for him/her as the Spirit leads. This usually lasts between 10- 20 minutes. After this time closes, we divide into small groups (men with men; women with women) seeking to have one or more leaders or members of the host church in each small group. The small groups go and pray in a different location of the sanctuary and/or church. Members of the host church receive personal prayer within each small group. With 5 minutes remaining in the hour, we all gather together again for closing prayer, announcements, and dismissal.

Who May Attend

Jeff and Rob invite praying Christians from churches in the area to join in what the Lord is doing that morning. We encourage the host church and pastor to invite members of church leadership, the prayer team, intercessors, and other praying members of their church to attend.

Guests from other churches often report that the Holy Spirit leads them to continue praying for pastors and individuals they prayed with days, weeks, and months following their time as guests in a host church. The Lord builds lasting connections in prayer for one another!

For more information or to schedule OnSite prayer at your church, contact Rob at: robg@prayonsite.org