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Praying for Prayer

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 3:47pm -- Rob

Earlier this year, Dave Butts, Chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee, spoke about the importance of praying for prayer in America.  His message resonated with me.  With our nation’s current struggles, we need to seek God like we’ve never before.  Simply praying, “God, bless America,” won’t do the job.  We need to repent of prayerlessness, and pray for God to stir prayer within the heart of every Christian in our land.

As I’ve joined Dave, and others, in praying for prayer, God is revealing how He is answering our prayers.

Throughout Central Indiana, through churches, para-church ministries, and organizations like OnSite, we are experiencing people praying and coming together in prayer like we’ve never seen before!  Earlier this week, I emailed area pastors to encourage them to spread the word of over a dozen public prayer opportunities scheduled within the next two weeks, including events at schools, churches and inside our state Capitol!  Additionally, Franklin Graham is also coming to downtown Indy on Oct. 5th to pray for our state and nation. 

A couple of weeks ago, I joined Pastor Yaqub Masih, a Pakistani-native, as he led a worship and prayer gathering on Monument Circle in the heart of Indianapolis (see photos).

I believe that if we’ll continue to seek God to grow our desire for Him through prayer and others, that He’ll lead us to even greater unity in the body of Christ.  But we must pray, and continue to do so.

I hope you will join me in praying for prayer at this time within our nation.  God is the only one who can settle our hearts, cities, and nation. 

Let’s pray for prayer!