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Personal Joy: Leaving a Legacy of Scripture

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 3:49pm -- Rob

Shortly before Enoch was born, Ruth asked if I would record myself reading some selected Scriptures for her to play back to Enoch while he nursed and slept.  Having been raised by parents that played recorded Scripture for their children when they were young, Ruth wanted us to model the same for Enoch.

I started off with the creation account in Genesis, and soon moved on to various Psalms.  After recording for a number of days, I felt prompted by the Lord to carry the project further.  He impressed me to call this a “legacy project.”  It wasn’t long before I found so much enjoyment in the project that I decided to work towards recording all of the Bible!

Through recording Scripture, I’m realizing an answer to prayer.  Years ago, I asked God to grow love in my heart towards His Word.  He’s doing that as I record, and listen back to Scripture.  And to know that Enoch and Ruth enjoy listening again and again, shows me that He’s doing that work in them, too!